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July 7, 2015: We are pleased to announce we will be updating this website in coming weeks.

Oscar Cahén: Life and Work is coming in September at Art Canada Institute. Representing several years of new archival research, it will be the most up to date and accurate publication on Cahén.

April 26, 2014: Seven scholars gathered in Toronto to present their research on Oscar Cahén at the Cahén Colloquium II. Papers ranged from detailing the interwar European visual culture, and Cahén's internment 1940-42, to iconographies, to his role in postwar Canadian culture. Jeffrey Spalding, who has been studying Cahén for many years, delivered the closing remarks.

February 2014: The Visual Literacy Foundation and Cahén Archives are pleased to present a $500 Cahén Research Award to Ms. Jessica Poon, to assist her on the preparation of her paper "Oscar Cahén, Model Emigré: Identity and Nationhood in Canadian Art, 1940-1956." The paper will be presented at the Cahén Colloquium II on April 26, 2014. Poon is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia.

June 2013:The Cahén Archives activities are now centered within the nonprofit Visual Literacy Foundation of Canada in Toronto. Scholar-in-Residence, Jaleen Grove, has commenced work on several key development projects.

Do you own or have knowledge of original art by Oscar Cahén? We are advancing our work on the Oscar Cahén Catalogue Raisonné including reference to sculpture, ceramics, illustration, caricature, posters, album and programme covers, cartoons as well as stage set and graphic design. Please contact Jaleen Grove; and those who wish to remain anonymous will be accommodated. Our primary objective to account for, and document, all the works by Oscar Cahén from Canada, the United States and across Europe, for the benefit of researchers.


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Celebrating Canadian artist Oscar Cahén

Exuberant, flamboyant, colourful and lush. Just a few ways to describe the paintings of Oscar Cahén. Cahén died fifty years ago. He's considered one of Canada's most influential abstract artists... but outside of the art world, not too many Canadians know his name. Phlis McGregor and Heidi Petracek talk about Oscar Cahén.


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"Cahén’s early death may well have robbed Canada of its potentially greatest painter.
No one in this country has ever shown a more complete command of the expressive resources of an artist."

Paul Duval  
Four Decades:
The Canadian Group of Painters
and Their Contemporaries 1930-1970

Clarke, Irwin & Company Ltd., 1972
ISBN 0-7720-0553-2

oil casein and pastel    
Hi Art illustration board    
24" X 36"    
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