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An Afternoon With Painters Eleven

Exhibition Tour with Curator Cassandra Getty

1:00 pm @ Lawson Gallery

Jeffrey Spalding Lectures on Oscar Cahén

2:00 pm @ Lecture Theatre

Cassandra Getty leads us on an insightful tour of works by Painter's Eleven that have been united for the first time: paintings from Museum London's collection can be appreciated in relation to works from regional private collections. Getty will address the emergence of the group in the fifites, and will elaborate on the significant position it has had on Canadian art in general. Of particular interest is the group's philosophy of abstraction and colourism, and unique ways in which each member expressed him or herself through nonobjective painting.

Artist and curator Jeffrey Spalding presents an illustrated talk to update current research on Painters Eleven member Oscar Cahén. This talk traces the exhibition of works after Cahén's tragic death in a car accident, and lesser-known but influential paintings. These canvases were chronicled by Harold Town, Walter Yarwood and Jack Bush when they inventories the contents of Cahén's studio following his death. Cahén's later work has a great bearing upon the stylistic developments of Canadian artists in the following decade, such as colleague Jack Bush.


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