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Earliest Known Cahén Exhibited

Oscar Cahén


airbrushed ink and pigment on paper

16.5 x 11.5", 41.91 x 29.21 cm

This unique piece, signed and dated 1931, exhibited ("Hauswand") at the Dresden Kunstakademie ( while Oscar completed his work towards the degree "Master of the College of Fine Arts" at the age of 15. The work, now restored, will be available as part of the "Cahén Technoprotographics Project". Further details, on request, from

The Dresden General Academy of painting, sculpture, art, engraving and architecture was founded in 1764 by order of Friedrich Christian as the successor to the "Drawing and painting school" established in 1680.

Well-known professors and artist including Canaletto, Giovanni Casanova, Caspar David Friedrich and Gottfried Semper, helped to build the Academy's international reputation. The teaching of Oskar Kokoschka and Otto Dix in Dresden continued a long tradition.

In 1950 the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden combined with the State School of Art Work, the successor to the Royal Saxon art school founded in 1875/76, encompassing the College of Fine Arts in Dresden.


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