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"Mixed Band" # IG 92

ink on hi-art illustration board

The Cahén Archives invites participation

in the Oscar Cahén Catalogue Raisonné and Cahén Fonds


Scope: The Cahén Archives houses archival materials providing a resource for exhibitions, teaching, learning, and scholarly research. The archives include the papers of the artist, and material in multiple media (textual, graphic, moving image and sound.)


Oscar Cahén Catalogue Raisonné:

Work on  the Oscar Cahén catalogue Raisonné began in 2003, and is a continuing work in progress. It contains detailed records of the artist’s currently known works across all media from 1931 to 1956.

By documenting each work by Oscar Cahén in the Catalogue Raisonné, and contributing to the archival documentation on the history of the Cahén family, you will help affirm the authenticity of the artwork, and build the reputation and scholarly comprehension of Cahén's work as a whole.

Oscar Cahén Fonds:

The Cahén Fonds project is being expanded as new data is discovered and is now substantively complete. Consisting of more than 1,700 records, the Cahén Fonds consists of correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts, drafts and proofs of essays, articles, art reviews, editorials, books, poetry, short stories, curricula vitae, drawings, prints, posters, recordings, films, photographic prints, negatives and transparencies, scrapbooks, exhibition catalogues, newspaper cuttings and other periodicals, certificates, legal documents, dealer notes, address book, a collection of material about the artist, his family, his contemporaries and the period, along with additional miscellaneous items including a collection of Christmas cards shared among Painter’s Eleven members. 

We welcome submissions or enquiries to 





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