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Unabridged essays by Cheryle Harrison and Rebecca Pavitt on the conservation, materials, and techniques of Oscar Cahén will be available 1Q 2018.

Cheryle Harrison


Cheryle Harrison is a professional conservator with a postgraduate conservation diploma (distinction) and an art history background. As the proprietor of Conserv-Arte, she provides art conservation and collection management services for museums, galleries, government, and corporate and private collections. She specializes in mixed media, unique challenges, and problematic projects, always maintaining museum standards through ethical conservation practices. 


Rebecca Pavitt has an MA in art conservation from the State University of New York College at Buffalo and, since 1987, has been the proprietor of Fine Art Conservation. In that role she helps individuals, institutions, and businesses care for their art and artifacts on paper and textiles. Her work ranges from restorative treatments through display and storage upgrades to collection surveys.


Since 1998, both Harrison and Pavitt have contributed to “Conservator’s Corner” in Preview Magazine. Harrison’s topics include conservation treatments for paintings, contemporary works, mural retrieval, and heritage and public art projects. Pavitt has contributed articles relating to paper-based artworks and to textile conservation treatments for historical and contemporary projects. They have been working with The Cahén Archives for more than a decade. During this time, as they developed an in-depth knowledge of Oscar Cahén’s techniques, materials, and media, they have succeeded in conserving many of his artworks for future generations to enjoy. 


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