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Version Feb. 2015. *Although information here is as complete and true as current sources permit, this document is under constant revision. Check with us for updates.

Source of info is given in [square brackets].









Oscar Cahén

The Cahen Archives

National Gallery of Canada

Art Directors Club of Toronto

Canadian Society of Graphic Art

Royal Canadian Academy

Men Against Hitler








Fritz Max Cahén (Oscar's Father)

Michael Cahén       

Ontario Jewish Archives

Art Gallery of Toronto/ Ontario

Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour

Ontario Society of Artists

Der Weg nach Versailles




FMC born Saarlouis (Metz, in British reports)




(October 26) Eugenie Stamm born, Nordeck Germany [British SS]




FMC prof of Art History at Prenslau [British SS]




FMC in army; University; Munich with Euginie Karoline Alwine Augusta von Stamm (source Sterbeurkunde) [DWV 43-52] Spent 9 months in battle; wounded; [British SS]




FMC teaching at Berlitz school, Copenhagen


(June / July) Fritz Max Cahén serves in Copenhagen as correspondent for Frankfurter Zeitung [FMC MAH 22,49] [British SS]


FMC active in art scene Copenhagen; knew Emil Hanover, Museum Director; writing on art, involved in gallery building before 1918 [DWV 66-67; 149]




FMC employed by Prof Holmann as ‘leader for German propaganda’ [British SS 1938-05-18]


FMC employed by Brockdorff-Rantzau as Director of a “secret propaganda bureau”; later as his “aide”  [FMC MAH 22-23] 


‘Aide” and ‘in diplomatic service’ are disputed by British SS informant; FMC abused privileges by conducting his own political activity from Rantzau’s office; that nobody likes him [British SS Aug 24, 1939]


FMC thought to be gay and possibly a lover of Rantzau-Brockdorff; Kernig also gay and may have connection [British SS 1938-05-18; note, this source is erroneous about date FMC arrived in Copenhagen]


(January 5) Fritz Max Cahén (Jewish) [hereon ‘FMC’]  and Eugenie (also known as Mali) (Protestant) are married Copenhagen [marriage certificate in TCA]

Euginie described as “rich” but “disinherited” for marrying FMC; suggestion marriage was in Frankfurt [British SS]


(February 8) OC Born Copenhagen, Denmark


(April 24) Cahén talking of taking French nationality, but is working for Louwenstein, as well as reporting for Frankfurter Zeitung; Eugenie working in a tea mercantile under illegal terms; informant advises France be notified [British SS]


(August 9) British think FMC’s name is Ferdinand Max, born in Metz [British SS]




Rantzau-Brockdorff makes FMC head of German Press Bureau in Copenhagen [British SS]




FMC involved in Versailles negotiation


(September 20) British Intelligence reports German spies are entering premises where FMC works in Copenhagen; FMC reporter for Vissiche Zeitung and Frankfurter Zeitung; his mail is watched [British SS]


(October 13) FMC said to be “in charge of a German spy organization” in Copenhagen [British SS]




FMC resumes work for Frankfurter Zeitung in Copenhagen[FMC MAH 57]


US paper calls FMC ‘power behind the throne’ [British SS]


(January 7) British stop watching FMC’s mail [British SS]


(April 11) British learn FMC had met with one Klepatsky; misspelled Cohen . Put on list of suspected persons [British SS]


(May 2) British report FMC joining Versailles talks





After March 1920 Frankfurter Zeitung office closed; FMC move back to Germany [FMC MAH 64]


(May 14) British counter-Bolshevism report: FMC called “notorious German spy”, is in Copenhagen to promote “Clatre [or Clarte] Movement”, supposedly now an “extreme socialist” in favour of collab between Danish and German socialists, and between Germans and French Longuel group. This info passed to Sweden, Denmark; report issued from Oslo. [British SS]




FMC in Paris as special correspondent [FMC DWV 11, 339]




FMC work as journalist, secret service; on staff in berlin papers; special correspondent in Paris [FMC MAH 64]; OC studies in Paris? [Danish newspaper]




Early that year Return to Berlin [FMC MAH 65] [photo 007 of OC in Berlin schoolchildren group, #1692 ] 




Tessin, Switzerland [photo Cahén Archives FMC-Fruz map 021]


OC studies in Paris? [Danish newspaper]




FMC beaten when attempts to speak to Nazi congregation [FMC MAH 67]



Spring: FMC gets passport for trip to Rome [FMC-MAH 95] [Oakville newspaper 1955]; OC studies art there [Porter]


OC falsifies age on birth certificate and gets in to Dresden Kunstakademie at age 14 [OC quoted in Danish news clip in TCA]




(January) FMC moves to Monte Carlo  [FMC MAH 67]


Later in year, FMC moves to Czechoslovakia  [FMC MAH 68]




(January) about New Years, Family moves to Hellerau, an artists colony  near Dresden [FMC MAH 69]


(March) FMC holds first meeting of the German Vanguard  [FMC MAH 74]


(March 1) OC registers at Dresden Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Max Frey’s studio, using false birthdate of Feb 7 1915 [Dresden records]




(February 27) Nazis assume special powers following attack on Reichstag, beginning arrests of Jews


(August) OC’s registration at Dresden expires [Dresden records]


(August 3) Cahén family flees to Prague [FMC MAH 93-105] [Application for Residence in Protected Area, British SS, 1940] [Cz NA signature: K 104/104, folder: 906, folios:1-4.]


(August 6) Cahéns arrive in Prague; FMC registered w Jewish Aid Committee. [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(August 16) OC registered new address in Zizkov (Prague suburb) [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(October 4) OC registered new address in Zizkov (Prague suburb) [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(November 29) OC registered new address in Prague [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


OC Exhibited in Prague [ref in Danish news clip Nov 1934]




(January) FMC out of money; OC sells ad art so they can eat [FMC MAH 114]


(February/ March) Cahéns at hotel in Riesengebirge to shoot film Kiss in the Snow [FMC MAH 115]


(March/ April) Cahéns back in Prague


British report (1938) FMC in Sweden 9 times, and was in touch with Ellen Maria Ramslorf; Danes think FMC closely mixed up with Kernig and Barrasch; British agreeing; FMC wanted in Denmark.


(April 25) OC registered new address in Prague [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(May) Cahéns in Stockholm in remote hut [[FMC MAH 125] (TCA)


Someone  travels to Helsinki [photos in Cahén Archives]


(June 1) OC unregistered to Zurich [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(May - November) OC Living in Stockholm [Danish news clip in TCF], [family photos]; takes some training there [OC on NGC form]


(July 25) FMC en route to England for visit [FMC MAH 131]


(July 26) FMC lands in England, occupation Journalist, for Pravo Lidu, Prague paper; Eugenie in Prague. [British SS]


(July 31) FMC bound for Denmark [British SS]


(August) FMC visits Prague, followed by Austria, Switzerland, France and London [FMC MAH 136, 141]


(November) FMC visits Prague [FMC MAH 149]


(November) OC Solo show at Ole Hansen (or Haslund)’s House, Copenhagen, showing 79 works: illustration (advertising, posters, book covers, music covers), watercolour landscapes, pastel portraits [4 news clips in TCA]




(February) FMC back in Cz


(March) Cahéns in Na Slupi Pension  [Application for Residence in Protected Area, British SS 1939]


(March 9) OC registered new address (Na Slupi) in Prague [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(April 6) FMC’s passport expires [NA police files signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:9-18]


(November 7) FMC under alias Richard Kursten is trying to obtain Nazi military intelligence for Cz National Defense [Cz police report in Cz NA signature: K 104/104, folder: 906, folios:1-4.]


OC shares an advertising art studio in Prague with William Pachner whose style is almost identical [interview Gerry Waldston; interview Wm Pachner; Harold Town interview w Joan Murray]


(December / January 1936) FMC meets Paul massing; gives him German U-boat plans; requests retainer for spying; Massing declines b/c FMC asked for too much, and was working for Strasser [British SS 1947]




(January 3) Police investigate OC for working w Pachner; reports making 6-700 CZK/month; is a “partner” with Pachner.[NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


FMC contributing to ‘anti-Nazi magazines”  [Cz police report in Cz NA signature: K 104/104, folder: 906, folios:1-4.]


(February 5) Fritz Max forms Volkssozialistische Bewegung, in Prague, with Hans Jaeger and Arthur Artz [Der Parteivorstand der SPD im Exile….1995] [MAH 163] [British sources later claim FMC did not form Volks.]


(February 5) OC found guilty of working w/out permit and fine 200 CZK .[NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]



FMC/Richard Kursten put under investigation; it is noted he contributes to anti-Nazi magazines and is working for Dept of National Defense, holding Cz passport under name of Fries Karel, and is trying to obtain military info, thru informant Helmrich Josef  [NA Praha II – prezidium – 1931-1940 [Police Headquarters Prague II - Presidium – 1931-1940], signature: K 104/104, folder: 906, folios:1-4.]


(February 16) OC’s German passport expires, meaning he is now semi-legal in Cz [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(April 16) Police check up on OC’s work status. [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(May 13) Police say they have “no evidence of any moral or political issues and there is no objection against issuing the residence permit without obligation to show a valid passport” for OC [NA Police records signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:1-8]


(May 25) OC issued residence permit without passport [NA police files signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:9-18]


Spring - FMC in Paris then Switz


Spring - Mass arrests/executions of underground resistance members [FMC MAH 204]


Swedish based group Kernig, Bromme, Levi, arrested as Soviet spies directed from Cz; allegedly were learning what arms Germans were getting from Sweden and what espionage was in Germany; Bromme had connection to FMC a year earlier, but Bromme was let go since no evidence  for him about the affair;  [American Embassy report May 3 1944 in Britsh SS]


FMC loses important connection in Paris with Paul Massing and Reiss; Massing believes FMC would turn a double-agent [British SS, report of 1947]


(August 31) Police auditing OC for unpaid taxes 


(1936-1937) FMC providing German contacts to Colonel Soukup, head of agents for SS, but apparently not very well; FMC had trouble getting visa to leave Cz, due to poor connections [ABS - Security Services Archive, files of Second Department of Military Intelligence, signature: 302-57-2, folios 84, 87-88, 104, 128.[1949 General Palecek]]


(1936-1937) FMC distributing butterfly stickers  [FMC MAH 213]




(January) FMC in Sweden then UK [British SS]


(January) FMC known to be consorting with Leopold Bandler, who lives in same building and who is dealing arms to Spain [NA General Land Office files signature: 207-585-2, folder: 585, folios:2-5.]


(February 1) OC passes medical exam all normal, vision 6/6 [NA police files signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:9-18]


(February 8) OC gets drivers license, having taken lessons at a school; reports religion as “no”; reports has taken 3 years at Berlin gymnasium school; occupation as “academic painter” [NA police files signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:9-18]


(February 9) OC has minor accident with car, bruising a lady’s heel [NA police files signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:9-18]


(February 23) Teacher at driving school rats Oskar out about radio transmitter; report says OC speaks czech ‘poorly’ . Apartment was searched. Friends searched too, finding radio parts. Radio was used by Volkssocialische. OC et al were released because “there is not a danger of escape or hidden activities”, although Ministry of National Defence was interested and involved in the investigation  [NA Ministry of Interior I ,signature: 225-1117-1, folder: 1117, folios:35-36]


(April 24/25) FMC’s coalition forms, meets [MAH 186]


(May) OC caught with radio; all Cahéns and FMC connections held and questioned 12 hrs by Czech-Slovak police  [FMC MAH 224-227]


(May) Following radio incident Cz gov warns FMC to curb political activity


(May 31) OC’s residence permit expires [NA police files signature: C 101/18 Cahén Oskar 1916, folder: 5080, folios:9-18] ; [unknown if renewed]


(June) FMC sent to US by Cz paper to report on democracy  [FMC MAH 244]


(June 29) FMC arrives USA [official docs in Eugenie’s files, OJA; British SS]


(August 19) Cz report on volkssozialistische group, listing FMC as a founder. It is described as “unimportant”, and only gathers together refugees, similar to the Schwarze Front, with crossover in membership. Oskar said not to be political before this point (aug 1937) [NA, General Land Office, signature: 207-913-42, folder: 913, folios: 18-29.]


Autumn: FMC’s org’s publications banned in Cz; high-level partners break away from the org


(September 15) OC teaches at Rotter School (names vary), Prague (many notable alumni from there) [OC] . Or, OC is occasional assistant paid 10CZK/hour in studio/school Sept 15-Dec [NA signature: R 1953/6 Rotter Vilém\ing. 1903, folder: 10183, folios:7-10.]




(January 7) Rotter pays 800CZK for illegally employing OC [NA police files, signature: R 1953/6 Rotter Vilém\ing. 1903, folder: 10183, folios:7-10.]


(January 11) In British SS report, FMC connected to Swedish informants in cahoots with USSR against Germany. Headed by Vilem Jaderny (actually German named Kernig). FMC connected to Paul Bromme. 


Autumn: FMC’s network in “complete disorganization”; FMC partner Artzt alleged assassinated by crashed airplane  [FMC MAH 248-9]


(April 14) British straighten out FMC’s name


(April 21) British know FMC spying for Cz, which they think is same as spying for USSR. FMC connected to Kurt Deutsch, Trotsky-ist in Oslo, friend of Jaderny [British SS]


(May 18) British SS report “chief agent for Scandinavia”, connected to Kernig affair; was living in Sweden on false passport; Danish police interested in him, knowing he was a spy; Paul Bromme connection with Kernig case. [British SS]


(June 29) British tell US that FMC is a Soviet spy [British SS]


(September 29) Munich Treaty. Germany annexes Sudetenland (Czech) under Munich agreement terms; Jews begin exodus from Cz [Helmer 44]


(November 9) Kristallnacht


(1938/1939) Palacek helps OC and Eugenie to leave, which is complicated because of OC’s activity with gun smuggling [ABS - Security Services Archive, files of Second Department of Military Intelligence, signature: 302-57-2, folios 84, 87-88, 104, 128.[1949 General Palecek]]




(January 20) Catholic Committee applied for Visa for OC and Eugenie. Religion listed as Protestant, her father a superintendant of a Lutheran church. “son has no religion”. Warrant out for Eugenie’s arrest, no reason given. “Passed by Enemy Alien Tribunal free of all restriction”. [British SS]

In care of Society of Friends [British SS, 1940-02-29] 


(February 08) British Continuation Card 1939-03-16: OC banned by Home Office from employment (paid or unpaid) while in UK


(March 3) OC and Euginie leave Prague [British SS 76a]


(March 9) OC and Eugenie arrive England from Gothenburg, in Herne Bay; claims “no occupation” on his registration card; name=Oskar Cahen but signature is Oscar Cahén; not allowed to work paid or unpaid [British SS]


(March 15) Czechslovakia invaded by Nazis


(March 23) OC and Euginie take up residence in Herne Bay; OC says he is “artist” but no occupation; syas Carter and Thompson (who later launches the appeals to free Eugenie) are the only friends he has in UK; is supported by Cz Trust Fund and New Lodge Windsor Forest, Berkshire; mentions he did commercial art for Rotter Studio;  [Application for Residence in Protected Area, British SS 1940—04-12]


(March 26) British Committee for Refugees from Cz takes over from Catholic Committee and request visa extension for OC and Eug [British SS 1941-05-28]


(April 10) OC and Eugenie  appear before Canterbury Tribunal – is exempted from internment/restrictions [British SS]


(July 26) British Committee for Refugees From Cz request extension of stay for OC and Eugenie [British SS 1940-02-29]


(August) UK declares war


(August 2) OC’s visa extended to 1940-01-09 [British SS]


(August) FMC publishes Men Against Hitler 


(August 24) British informant disputes FMC’s account of himself in (apparently) MAH: that he abused office of Rantzau; fabricated his centrality in resistance movements; that visits to Cz border must have been to be in touch with Nazi authorities; that FMC has been expelled from Volkssocialisten group for being a spy; denies FMC founded it; identifies a factual error regarding formation of Hitler/Nazi party, which casts suspicion on whole book. [“T” in British SS]


(August 24) Viennese informant: implies FMC a lover of Rantzau; FMC had office in Malmo tfrom which sent info to the USA; FMC accompanied Rantzau to Berlin, where cabinet members protested FMC’s presence; FMC sold German info to the French; wrote porn for Leipzig publisher; worked for French gov’t late 1933, then Cz where he served USSR; 1934 Kernig, Bromme, Levy affair – FMC introduced Kernig to Nazi spy; FMC in touch with Strasser; was sent to US to work for Deutsche Front; FMC definitely a Nazi spy [“T” in British SS]


(August 28) British informant: alleges FMC’s book largely made up, plagiarized from Strasser; FMC never published pamphlets; no radio broadcasting was done; FMC never founded Volkssocialisten; alleges FMC’s work for Rantzau was just to “veil their relations”; FMC “defrauded” the office; later FMC attacked Rantzau’s character; worked for French intelligence while in Sweden. 


(September 25) UK issues internment policy [Helmer]


(October 4) OC exempt from internment and special restrictions [British SS 1940-02-29]


(October 25) Eugenie applies to work in UK  [British SS 1941-05-28]


(October 28) Eugenie requests right to work in UK, citing MAH as evidence of loyalty; FMC has applied to visit but authorities recc refuse him due to unsavory political activity. [British SS 1940-02-29]


(November 19) Czech Refugee Trust Fund refuse support, b/c OC came under auspices of Catholic Committee




(January 31) Eugenie and OC living in Herne Bay, Kent. OC may have tried to join RFC (?). FMC applies to visit, stating he hopes to network with German contacts to bring about peace. [British SS]


(January 31) FMC applies for visa to UK  [British SS 1941-05-28]


(February 25) FMC suspected of visiting UK illegally; accused of bad character, German spy [British SS]


(February 29) British advise to refuse FMC a visa, since allegedly worked for USSR and Nazis. [British SS]


(February 29) Eugenie listed as widow


(February 29) OC “Painter (Commercial artist)” – British have no records or opinion of OC, but do know he is FMC’s son, and that FMC is suspect. [British SS]


(March 4) FMC denied visa; Eugenie’s sponsorship by Catholic Committee coming under suspicion [British SS 1941-05-28]


(March 6) FMC officially black-listed for visa 


(March 7) Aliens Dept reports that Cz Trust Fund of refugees from Cz wherein Euginie is listed as Enemy Alien and that she should be interned [british SS]


(March 12) British SS report, translated from german: FMC lover of Rantzau; FMC left his service for unknown reasons and worked as journalist and writer of detective stories; in Prague worked for Czech War Office News Service in Cz and Sweden, then came an “inglorious dismissal”; approached Volkssozialisten to be their financier with wild promises; FMC then engaged in arms deal with Spanish govt; alleges MAH is all false; FMC a good con man; FMC likely to doublecross


(March 15) FMC a “moral pervert”; relates summary of above German-language informant 1940-03-12


(March 28) Eugenie’s status goes from “Stateless” to “German”, making her subject to restrictions, ie internment [British SS 1941-05-21]


(April 3) US Embassy advises they have no evidence FMC is pro-Soviet, and he is reported to be anti-Nazi, but say reports are conflicted. Note he is likely to self-aggrandize. [british SS]


(April 12) OC applies to stay in Protected Area (Herne) [Application for Residence in Protected Area, British SS]


(May 11) Britain begins arrests of interns [Helmer 55, 61]


(May 12) FMC interned, sent to Infantry Training Center, Canterbury. [Continuation Card; [British SS]


(May 17) OC arrives at Huyton, near Liverpool


(May 27) Eugenie arrested and interned; (until Dec 41);  her attitude “strongly anti-Nazi and pro-British” [British SS] OR date of internment is May 24  [British SS 1941-05-28]


OC moved to Isle of Man; Kurt Schwitters and Egon Wellesz interned there too [Helmer 61]


(May 30) Vincent Massey is asked if Canada will take refugees; Ottawa demurred; request from Churchill renewed 7 June [Helmer]


(June 21) UK broadens policy to “mass internment” [Helmer]


(June 24) Canadian ships embark from UK with internees [Helmer]


(July 2) Ship Arandora Star sinks killing 600+; after this UK relaxes policy (note this date is unconfirmed; could have sunk Jul 1 or 2) [Helmer 62]


(July 3) Ship Ettrick leaves Liverpool, with OC on board [OC ms; Helmer]


(July 13) Ettrick docks Quebec; OC in Camp L


(July 21) Helmut Blume and others give concert in Camp L, reviewed in press [Helmer 71]; Vienna School art historian Otto Demus favorably reviews OC’s work shown in camp; gives art lectures [Koch]


(August 7) US Embassy reports: FMC’s status in US being investigated; Germans interviewed say FMC is anti-Nazi and anti-Communist, but exaggerates his own importance and is not trustworthy; German informants allege FMC’s claims to be well connected in Germany for purpose of overthrowing Hitler are dismissed by them. OC supposedly member of RAF [British SS]


(October) Camp N is opened [Helmer]


(October 8) Air Ministry informs that OC is not in RAF records. [british SS]


(November 19) Home Office gets Category 17 (emigration) for Euginie, but with note Euginie planning to go to USA to see FMC, and since FMC is suspect, they recommend Euginie remain interned, classified as ‘B’. Further note: “Cahen taught art in Prague. (very scrappy)” [British SS 1941-05-28]


(December 2) Eugenie reported to “not come to notice…in an adverse way” [British SS]


(December 17) HomeOffice suggests Eugenie be classified Category 19  [British SS 1941-05-28]




(January 13) Home Office decides to detain Eugenie further.


(February 6) Euginie writes landlady Whittlebury in Herne Bay and complains at ‘B’ Classification, professes love for UK, mentions fight against evil by FMC’s side  [British SS 1941-05-28]


(February 28) By this date Many internees released with option to return to UK (prob Otto Demus among them?)[Helmer 62]


(March 18) Appeal launched for Euginies release; consistent anti-Nazi attitude noted; Czech Fund to assist passage to USA; Oskar supposed to be released soon to USA  [British SS 1941-05-28]


(April 8) Appeal refused. [British SS 1941-05-28]


(May 13) FMC letter to H Rauschning, translated by British SS: 

- declares self in favour of “purified conservative and socialistic” govt; it is up to emigres to educate world about Germany’s potential role; 


(May 20) MI5 asked if Euginie can be reclassified as Stateless and be released as special case  [British SS 1941-05-28]


(May 21) Eugenie’s application to be released is denied – she is classified ‘B’ [British SS]


(May 27) New info from Home Office re: FMC and MAH results in Euginie coming under suspicion, since she herself said in letter to Whittlebury that she had worked closely w FMC and Cz Trust Fund listed her as suspect  [British SS 1941-05-28]


Report on Eugenie from internment camp: she has voiced disapproval of people they know are suspect; does not talk politics; been ‘house representative’ in the camp with good results; is trusted and liked by staff and interns; is distressed at ‘B’ classification; cannot understand it since FMC is known as anti-Nazi; not connected to Cz Trust Fund but they helped her leave Germany [sic?] ; 2 friends named, BUT one with a possible Nazi connection  [British SS 1941]


(June) Camp B interns transferred to Camp N


(July 13) British report again Eugenie’s connection to FMC and Cz Trust Fund negative remarks; recommends her continued detainment. [British SS]


(July 19) British report that Euginie’s two friends are suspect, one with brother connected to Nazi support despite being Jewish; other had ‘illicit’ map of London; admits case against Eug not strong but to be cautious she should stay interned at Port Erin. [British SS]


(July 23) Eugenie shows British a newspaper from Nov 22, 1937 reporting names of people deprived of German citizenship; notes OC also deprived. [British SS]


(September 4) No change in Eugenie’s status, even though it says she is ‘Stateless” [British SS]


(September 15) British report: OC has applied for release; gives good reference that OC “has nothing to do w FMC’s nefarious activities”; is nonpolitical, anti-Nazi, was employed “in a technical capacity” by Volkssocialisten briefly; “is a commercial artist” 


(October 2) Euginie given good reference by Intern Camp authorities


(October) Report: sums up that Euginie had been interned in part on basis of tribunal presided over by an ignorant judge; suggests she may have been ignorant of FMC’s poorest behaviour; suggests they ask Cz Trust Fund for details why they gave her a bad ref. [British SS]


(October 26) Euginie’s case being appealed again


(November 7) Report: Eugenie “daughter of a noble”; brother a director of Schwarzkopfwerke which gave British info in Prague; Eug did anti-Nazi work in Prague


(November 28) British SS stil resolute that Eugenie stay locked up, despite the good reports [but this came too late; they had already decided to free her]


(December 14) Eugenie released from internship and restrictions lifted [British SS]




(January 6) British report by Kaspar: Euginie living c/o Dr Rothschild, Cambridge. Is writing FMC; FMC suspected of being involved with Strasser still; Euginie’s mail recommended to be watched


Euginie gets work as “Scandinavian Monitor” with BBC [British SS]


(February) Standard publishes article on camps; OC photo’d, ID’d as Richard Hoff; OC gets freelance work thereafter 


(February 26) Report: Euginie given good ref, FMC referred to as “evil genius”; OC noted as good draughtsman; Rothschild is Frankfurter chemist and decent; but she sees one Wistuba and an Aenderl at Canterbury Hall. 


(March 1) Report: Eugenie deciding whether to take job at Communist Kulturbund; it is noted that if she does she will be “in a position to observe many things”; suggests she has been as betrayed by FMC as anyone 


(March 3) Letter intercepted fr Euginie to FMC: Eug leaving Rothschild whose family was also interned; is staying in Cz Trust hostel looking for work; OC cannot get release w/out someone posting $1000 for him; OC applied for agricultural work in UK; Eug trying to find OC work and so wrote to Roffes; Frear was a teacher at art school in Prague; mentions Hofmanns who are friends in USA; urges FMC to write OC often; gave FMC’s address to Arzt.


(March 18) Appeal made to free OC: Herne Bay authorities give him good ref. 


(March 27) Report notes OC classified ‘C’; that since Eugeneie has been released, he should too; but Home Office says he should still be suspected a little due to FMC connection, however, as long as kept apart from FMC both are considered trustworthy; no objection to OC returning to UK; notes OK application to work in agriculture. 


(March 29) Letter OC to Euginie [intercepted]: Euginie caring for a French lady while working for Free German League; she fetched his drawings from Carters and is looking for work for him; Artists Refugee Committee is applying for his release; she saw Rotter who provide ref; congrats OC that Esquire is considering his cartoons. [British SS]


(April 10) British report Eugenie working as waitress at Kulturbund [British SS]


(April 14) UK issues permission for OC to return to UK, where he will remain interned as they consider his case. [British SS]


(May 1) UK states they are not opposed to OC’s release in Canada [British SS]


(June 12) British report Euginie “was” at Kulturbund, now to be working in the Registry


(July 5) Letter Euginie to FMC [intercepted] : Eug got job at BBC Evesham; reports on politics concerning Volkssocialists, that people had spoken favorably about FMC and against Jaeger who had sullied FMC’s name after FMC left Prague 


(summer) FMC becomes mentally ill in Connecticut [case files OJA]


Camp A interns transferred to Camp N 


OC released; sponsored by Beatrice Shapiro/Colin Gravenor [to be verified which or both]; OC works with both in Gravenor’s advertising business [Beatrice interview]




Living on Sherbrook St W.  Montreal


(1943/1944) OC working at Rapid Grip & Batten – Greek War Relief campaign; advertising. Gerry Waldston is apprenticed to OC. 


(June 4) Gravenor writes Art Association of Montreal to introduce OC


(August?) Marries Martha (“Mimi”) Levinsky (or Lewinsky; daughter of rabbi and cantor Joseph Levinksy of Montreal) [TCA]


(October 22) FMC admitted as mental patient to Fairfield State Hospital, Newtown CT; Immig&Naturalization had a warrant for his arrest [British SS]


Oscar in contact with US Refugee people re: FMC agreed to $15/month but did so “irregularly” and briefly [case files OJA]


(November 5) Has largest body of work in a 3-man show at Montreal Museum; reviewed in Montreal Star  Nov 9.




Move to Toronto [Mimi’s notes]


(May 3) American Embassy report: opening investigation into FMC due to increased soviet spy activity in USA; asking for evidence of FMC as Soviet agent; MI5 and MI6 gives them summary of all.  


(December 1) OC appears in credits as ArtDirector of Magazine Digest




MC is born


(August) Oscar trying to get Eugenie from UK; ref to him probably having visited US before (illegally) [case files OJA]


(September 11) Oscar asks for help to keep FMC from deportation [case files OJA]


(September 28) Oscar told by Cdn Jewish immig to go to NY to plead FMC case [case files OJA]




OC granted Canadian citizenship


(March 29) Americans feel FMC should be classified ‘B’ (?) because faint possibility he was sent to US as a Soviet spy [British SS]


(July 8) FMC deportation lifted; Oscar willing to have him on condition Euginie can come from UK to care for him. Address given as 110A Bloor W; had been advised not to apply for her until he himself naturalized [case files OJA]


(July 18) Oscar applies for Eugenie to immigrate; says FMC wants to go to Europe and so will not sponsor him to Canada [case files OJA]




(January) Eugenie writes to free FMC [UJRA files]


(January) Eugenie’s movements spark FBI investigation to locate FMC, whom they know as Ferdinand Max Cahen [British SS]


(March) First exhibits with OSA


Makes trip with Town to visit Jim Imlach in Chicago? Ref in undated letter Imlach to HT (LAC)


Turning down illustration in order to paint; earlier income of $15,000/yr; income now reduced by 2/3 [Porter, 1951]


(April 22) Cdn immig form: Eugenie gives occupation as freelance journalist . RCMP write to UK for info on her [British SS]


(May 2) Sends bio sheet to NGC; address 110A Bloor st W


(May 5) British advise that FMC is disreputable, possibly worked for Russians and Germans, and would ‘sell services to highest bidder’. Citing interrogation of Paul Massing, who was go-between for FMC and Reiss in Paris. [British SS]


Living at Fogwood Farm, King ON for the summer (Town letter, LAC)


(June) Payments of $130 made June-Aug for FMC [case files OJA]


(June 6) Eugenie boards ship Aquitania in Southampton, UK, for Halifax [ passenger lists]


(June 11) Eugenie “arrived as immigrant” in Canada [British SS]


(August 8) Eugenie Declaration of Intention [case files OJA]


(October 17) Massing informs US Embassy that FMC untrustworthy, vain, ‘ham actor’, sophisticated, impressive; confirms FMC involved in peace delegation 1919; alleges USSR says FMC sold German ‘diplomatic code’ to French; 


(October 25) G&M article on King lifestyle


(December 1) Euginie (at 110A Bloor) seeks FMC’s immigration to Canada [case files OJA]




(January 6) Euginie denied visitor permit to US despite needing to visit to secure FMC’s immig; FMC still in hospital [case files OJA]


(January) Press coverage of trial re: New Liberty illustrations 


(March) Mayfair Artists exhib; and OSA exhib


(April 1) Euginie said to have made several efforts to get visitor permit; intends to bring FMC to Canada; expects to get naturalization papers soon [case files OJA]


(April 6) FMC medical bill by June will be $1709.86  [case files OJA]


(April 8) Eugenie tells immiggration Oscar cannot pay for FMC much; deportation hearing looming. Dr in US says FMC not responded to treatment and cannot travel alone; FMC states wants to leave immediately and does not want to go to Canada [case files OJA]


(April 23) FMC cleared to leave US as either immigrant or deportee [case files OJA]


(April 29) Eugenie makes statement wanting FMC in Canada [case files OJA]


(April 29) Oscar “broke down” – afraid he can’t provide for FMC; is building house in King; finances fluctuating; worried FMC needs more “cosmopolitan” place; Eugenie hopes if he heals in Europe THEN he can come to Canada; Eugenie quitting apt 110A Bloor to save money and move to King; FMC has expressed no desire to see Eugenie [case files OJA]


(May 12) Eugenie writes of OC’s decision to abandon FMC based on finances and FMC’s wishes [case files OJA]


(June 9) Eugenie writes 110a Bloor apt has been let go; she is living at King too [case files OJA]


(October) Exhib at Eaton’s 




(March) OSA exhib


(April) ADCT exhib (First annual)


RCA exhib




Unaffiliated Artists exhib, Eatons (open only to nonmembers of societies)


ADCT exhib (wins Club Medal and two award for Distinctive Merit)


(March) Contemp Cdn Art exhib opens AGO


(May 29) OC writes to Town that Graphis magazine, Zurich, is hanging onto samples by Town, Whalley, Norris, Winter that OC sent them. [LAC Town files]


(May 31) State of CT billing Eugenie and Oscar for $2470.10 for FMC [case files OJA]


(December 12) Art Gallery Hamilton Winter Exhib




Solo exhib at International Art House Cinema (Beatrice is arranging art shows)


ADCT exhib; (Wins two awards for Distinctive Merit)


2nd Annual Unaffiliated Artists exhib


(March) OSA/CSGA exhib


(April 7) Mackenzie Porter article in Standard appears


(August) CNE exhib




(April) OSA/CSGA exhib


ADCT exhib (wins medal for Editorial illustration)


(October) Canadian Abstract Exhib at Oshawa YWCA


(October) Canadian Group of Painters exhib; goes to Jan ‘53


(November) RCA; goes to Jan ’53; art sale at AGO


(December) Art gallery of Hamilton Winter Exhib




Leaves King, ON


Joins Cdn Soc Painters in WC


Canadian Group of Painters exhib AGO


OSA little pictures sale Eatons


ADCT exhib (wins medal for magazine page layout with Stan Furnival)


NGC annual exhib of Canadian painting


(January) CSPWC exhib  goes to Feb


(February) OSA exhib goes to March


(April) CSGA exhib at AGO


(October) Abstracts At Home campaign


(November) RCA exhib goes to Jan 54


(November) P11 formally starts


(November 6) Women’s Committee sale AGO


(December 8) Sao Paulo Brazil 2nd Bienal exhib goes to March ‘54




FMC returns to Europe [unverified]


(January) In Nokomis Florida jan-Feb 10-15 [AGO files for 1954 show]


Living 1411 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto


Canadian Group of Painters annual exhib


ADCT exhib (wins medal for editorial oage layout, with Stan Furnival; and a certificate for editorial illustration)


Willistead Gallery, Windsor


(January 15) CSPWC exhib goes to Feb 21 AGO


(February 12) First P11 show Roberts Gallery opens; runs to 26th


(February 26) OSA exhib AGO


(May) CSGA Exhib AGO


(May 8) 3-man show Eglinton Gallery (Town, Nakamura, Cahén)


(May 21) 4-man show AGO


(October 24) Solo show Hart House


(November) Women’s Committee show AGO


(December) Art Gallery Hamilton Winter exhib




(January) OSA exhib AGO


ADCT exhib (wins silver medal for editorial art)


(February 11) P11 at Roberts Gallery and Oshawa YWCA


(March) 4 man show of abstraction at Elsie Perrin Gallery London ON – Cahén, Bush, Tonnancoeur, Borduas


(May) OC is Director of Cdn Soc Painters in WC


(May) CSGA exhib NGC


(May) CSPWC exhib AGO


(June 13) Oscar sends address 102 - 1411 Eglinton Ave to NGC; notes he left King “two years ago” [NGC : 7.1 C - Correspondence files]


(August) CNE exhib


(September 9) California/Canada watercolour exhib, NGC travels to California 1957


October 1) Oscar takes up residence in Oakville [news clip Oakville Trafalgar Herald] Living 2102 Elmhurst Ave Oakville


(October 21) Women’s Committee sale


(November 2) Winnipeg Show


(November 19) Canadian Group of Painters AGO


(November 25) RCA exhib at AGO


(December) P11 touring exhib in Ontario


(December 7) Art G Hamilton Winter exhib


(December 17) Canadian Group of Painters touring exhib Mont’l, NGC, Kingston




Imperial oil mural [now in collection of Robt McLaughlin Gallery]


(February 28) P11 at Roberts, Small Pictures


(February) OSA


(March 23) CSPWC at AGO


ADCT exhib 


(April 8) P11+American abstarctionists Riverside Museum NY goes to May 28


(June 8) Canadian Abstract Painting wxhib NGC


(June 17) CSPWC at De Cordova Museum, MA goes to Aug 9


(August) CNE


Globe and Mail; Grand and Toy exhib, Toronto


(September 15) P11 at Arts and Letters Club Toronto


(November 4) 2nd Winnipeg Show


(November) Canadian Group of Painters AGO; toured Vancouver in 1957


(November 26) OC had lunch at A&L Club; then killed in car crash 3pm, Oakville. 


(November 27) Jack Bush makes 7 ink watercolours “for Oscar” [Bush diaries]


(November 29) Open Casket funeral held with a Christian parson; Mimi had to be torn away screaming from casket, after clinging to it for over 20 minutes. [Bush diaries]


(December 2) Bush, Town and Yarwood finish catalogue studio contents




(February) CSPWC at AGO with obituary in catalogue


ADCT? [unverified]


(May) Canadian art exhib Imperial Oil


(May 30) P11 exhib Allan Gallery Hamilton


(August 23) CNE


(October 31) P11 exhib Park Gallery Toronto

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